Optimizing the System: New Seasons Market

Waste/Recycling System Design for New Store Development

Tomolla Consulting helps develop materials management systems for all emerging New Seasons Market stores in California and Washington State. Assistance with research, design, and creation of waste and recycling operations are hallmarks of this work. Additionally, Tomolla helps New Seasons navigate the complexities of recycling/waste in these new markets and ensures store-level functionality to accommodate efficient materials management practices. Prior to new stores coming online, Tomolla evaluates local regulations and market conditions to optimize the environmental and economic performance of waste operations, then provides guidance related to store design and layout. Tomolla has consulted on eight (8) new stores thus far.

closed-loop waxed corrugated cardboard PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT

Tomolla developed an industry-leading solution to manage waste for New Seasons Market via a closed loop model. By analyzing material volume, weight, and handling logistics, Tomolla developed and tested a framework to capture, bale, and process waxed cardboard – allowing the material to be recovered by a manufacturer that converts it into a product sold in New Seasons’ stores. In the first year alone, Tomolla helped New Seasons remove over 250,000 pounds of waste from the landfill and save an estimated $100,000 as a result of the improved system.