Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) hired Tomolla Consulting to evaluate the organization’s Scope 3 Supply Chain impacts. While BPA consistently analyzes its scope 1 and scope 2 emissions, this process marked the first attempt by BPA to evaluate scope 3 Supply Chain emissions.  In early 2016, Tomolla completed a broad-based Supply Chain Impact Analysis of over $1.5 billion in BPA expenditures to identify a manageable process for assessing supply chain emissions and provided an inventory and heat map that targeted BPA’s top five (5) categorical expenditures by total GHG emission impacts. 

From January 2017 through June 2017, Tomolla completed a subsequent Scope 3 GHG-focused project that built on recommendations from the original Supply Chain Impact Analysis.  Tomolla was contracted to facilitate an agency-wide deep-dive evaluation of existing purchasing/procurement data, internal acquisition processes, contract and procurement protocols, and individual department systems to identify areas for GHG emissions reduction in BPA’s supply chain. Through onsite interviews, meetings with subject matter experts, and ideation sessions with key agency personnel, Tomolla was able to uncover and provide a list of actionable recommendations necessary to begin working towards reducing Scope 3 GHG impact. By creating and focusing on three (3) spheres of inter-agency decision-making, 1) Impact, 2) Leverage, and 3) Simplicity, Tomolla ensured that the recommendations provided were realistic and attainable.