**Tomolla ceased operations in late 2018. To all of our clients, supporters and friends - THANK YOU!!

We are a sustainability-focused consulting practice that helps organizations improve operational efficiency by minimizing material waste and recovering value from resources.

Tomolla designs strategies that enhance both the environmental and economic performance of our clients’ operations. With over fifteen years of combined experience in materials management, sustainable development, and waste/recycling program improvement, our team has helped implement many of the Portland Metro Region’s most successful materials management initiatives. 

Tomolla is a certified Emerging Small Business (ESB) as recognized by Oregon's Office of Minority, Women, and Emerging Small Business (OMWESB).

Sustainable Purchasing Analysis

Utilizing a comprehensive Economic Input-Output-Life Cycle Analysis (EIO-LCA) to examine purchasing data, Tomolla offers a detailed inventory and assessment of greenhouse gas impacts associated with all upstream purchasing activities at your organization. This analysis delivers a clear cradle-to-gate assessment of supply-chain emissions, identifying opportunities to reduce emissions and leverage organizational purchasing power to improve environmental performance. 


Tomolla calculates financial impacts associated with materials disposal, diversion, and recycling systems and offers market-driven options to realize cost savings. Our analysis is presented in clear, easy-to-understand language that helps clients make informed decisions about their material management program.

Waste Program OptimizatioN

Tomolla creates custom solutions to fine-tune waste/recycling programs and eliminate inefficiencies from materials management programs. Our systems improve waste diversion rates and reduce operating expenses by providing clients with the tools and best practices necessary to improve functionality and access new customers for their material resources.

Tomolla Waste & Recycling Team

Built on a successful model that has served Portland for a decade, Tomolla’s Waste & Recycling Team executes waste reduction efforts at events of all sizes. All logistics associated with collection and disposal are coordinated, ensuring an efficient, turn-key solution for event planners. Throughout the event, Tomolla offers friendly education and direction, engaging with attendees and helping to ensure materials are sorted into the proper bins. The result is a cleaner, easier, and more sustainable event for the client – and an improved experience for the attendees. 

As a responsible climate steward, Tomolla would like to share our CO2 greenhouse gas (GHG) impacts, particularly for those organizations who contract our services and also inventory their scope III GHG emissions. Tomolla is classified as Management, Scientific, and/or Technical Consulting Services, and these services contribute an estimated 0.11 kgCO2e per $1 of economic activity (2012-13 US Dollars - Oregon DEQ CBEI-GPP Model, D. Allaway).